MSF Neonatal Package

Please note that the material available in the neonatal package is for MSF internal use only and is only accessible for MSF staff.

Introduction to the Neonatal Package 

The MSF Neonatal Package contains guidance and tools to address the growing need for a comprehensive, standardised approach to neonatal care. 

It is dedicated to nurses, midwifes, clinicians and doctors who have a role to play to improve the quality of care for newborns, their mothers, families and communities.

You can also watch the video here: Neonatal Care Package


MSF International Neonatal Care guidelines

The second edition of the MSF International Neonatal Care guidelines have been updated, revised and improved thanks to the valuable feedback received from field users and experts and based on discussion of new evidence and international recommendations.

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Neonatal Care guidelines


You can also watch the video here: Neonatal Guidelines


Neonatal Nursing Care Handbook

Neonates are a vulnerable population and thus require a specialised approach to nursing care. This handbook guides nurses and midwives caring for neonates in hospital, from the moment of birth through to the first month of life.

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Neonatal Nursing Care Handbook



You can also watch the video here: Neonatal Nursing & Injection Guides


Neonatal Injectable Medication Handbook

Neonates are particularly vulnerable to harm resulting from medication errors. This handbook provides preparation and administration guidance specific for neonates.  It is an evidence-based, best practice tool for nurses, midwives and clinicians on safe medication practices.

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Neonatal Injectable Medication Handbook


Newborn Care Learning Hub Modules

The Newborn Care learning hub is a self-paced on-line training hosted in Tembo plateform & based on the neonatal guideline. It provides a unique opportunity to medical staff involved in neonatal care to improve their skills

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Around ten modules should be gradually released in 2021 focusing on different aspects of newborn care.


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Learning module


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The Neonatal package has been developed by the MSF International Paediatric Working Group, the Nursing Care Working Group, the Geneva Learning and Development Unit, the International Guidelines Publications, with the significant contribution of MSF staff and external collaborators. We would like to especially thank all the nurses, midwives and doctors dedicated to improving neonatal and child care.


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