MSF Paediatric Days 2017

Dakar 15-16th of December

MSF Paediatric Days 2017

Dakar 15-16th of December


In case you missed or want to revisit the MSF Paediatric Days in Dakar, the content is now available below:




Médecine et Santé Tropicales 2018; 28 : 18-21 2 es Journées pédiatriques Médecins sans frontières, Dakar 15-16 décembre 2017

Lancet of Global Health Blog: Highlights from the second MSF Paediatric Days, Dakar, December 2017

Report from the Paediatric Days in English and French

MSF Paediatric Days key messages 2017

See MSF Paediatric Days Key messages here


15th of December 

Videos divided by lecture

Neonatal asphyxia and ischemic encephalopathy 

Chair: David Southall, Speakers: Odeb Dolo, Ola D. Saugstad, Angela Okolo

Neurocritical conditions in resource limited settings

Chair: Michael Levin, Speakers: Charles Newton, Yamikani Chimalizeni, Robert Tasker


MSF Telemedicine Network Daniel Martinez Garcia

E-Care in MSF Paediatrics Clotilde Rimbaud 

What happens when we listen to adolescents? Joanne Cyr

Full video English /French


16th of December

Videos divided by lecture

Pain management in resource limited settings

Chair: Julia Downing & Isabel Zuniga, Speakers: Claire Dorin, Mohamed Fattah

Supportive care

Chair: Matthias Roth-Kleiner, Speakers: Doris Burtscher,

Julia Downing, Megan Doherty


Perspectives from a MSF paediatric nurse Marie Clarisse

Red bicycle lights for venipuncture Neal Russel 

Full video in English

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