This website is hosted by Läkare Utan Gränser (MSF Sweden). We uses cookies when you visit and our other websites.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are stored on a user's computer holding a modest amount of data from the website.

Next time you come back to the website these cookies will be read and show the web pages with the right settings.

There are two types of cookies that we use:

  • A temporary session cookie which is saved in the memory of your computer during the time that you are visiting the web site. This cookie disappears when you close your web browser.
  • A permanent cookie which stays on your computer until it is removed. This type of cookie can be removed through the setting in your web browser.

Visit our web site without cookies

You can shut off cookies through the security settings in your web browser. If you do not accept cookies on our web sites, the consequence may be that the user experience and the functionality is affected.

Why are we using cookies?

The purpose with cookies is to give you as a visitor to our web sites access to functions and facilitate the use of our web sites. Cookies collect information about how you as a visitor (not on individual level though) use our functions. We collect this information to improve the web site.

Sharing function

To facilitate sharing of information from our web sites in social media, we use so called plug ins. These plug ins can save so called third party cookies in the web browser and makes it possible for the visitor to recommend articles on for example Facebook and Twitter.

Analysis function

The web analysis tool Google Analytics is used on our web sites, and cookies register information on an aggregated level about how the visitors use the web sites. The information collected is about number of page views, from where visitors come and number of visits.

We use the following analysis tools:


We use remarketing on our web sites. This gives us an idea about the age and the sex of our visitors. This information may be used in donation campaigns to direct advertisements in Google Display Network and the advertising tools of Facebook. A third-party cookie is used for this purpose. You can change the settings for advertisements or opt-out from advertisements to avoid advertising from Google based on behaviour:

For more information about how we use your personal data, please read our Privacy Policy.