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About the Paediatric Days

The MSF Paediatric Days is a two-day conference aimed at catalyzing the Paediatric knowledge, expertise and practices from MSF’s fieldworkers and MSF’s HQ staff, along with academia and other NGOs.

The Paediatric Days also aims at mobilising interest amongst the non-MSF Paediatric professionals (MDs. nurses, both specialised and non-specialised) in reinforcing MSF’s teams with professionals who are committed to developing innovative ways to treat our most vulnerable patients – children. The synergy between hands on field practioners, technical referents and leading academics has resulted in an operationally relevant conference which adheres to the demands for a field oriented gathering of MSF staff that at the same time fulfils the requirements of a quality scientific conference, while remaining in line with the ambitions of the MSF International Paediatric Working Group.

The event was created in Stockholm, Sweden in September 2016, where the 1st MSF Paediatric Days took place in collaboration with the Astrid Lindgren Paediatric Hospital and the Karolinska University Hospital. The next conference is scheduled to take place in Dakar, Senegal on the 15th & 16th of December 2017.

The entire conference is broadcast online in French and English, with several hundreds of participants from over 25 countries joining. MSF staff, academic partners and other NGOs present and discuss their work.

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