MORNING SESSION: Neonatal Asphyxia and ischemic encephalopathy -Help Babies Survive Vs Help Babies Breathe

  1. Prevention: what can be done better in Resource Limited Settings LS and how? An SRH/paediatrics perspective
  2. Early recognition and management in recourse poor settings
  3. Nursing care of new-borns with birth asphyxia: does it matter?

Free oral presentation session.

AFTERNOON SESSION: Neurocritical conditions in resource limited settings

  1. Differential diagnosis and management of febrile coma in the context of MSF.
  2. Cerebral malaria in 2017- beyond antimalarial: how can management reduce mortality in Resource Limited Settings?
  3. Status epilepticus: A practical approach.

Free oral presentation session.


FIRST MORNING SESSION: Pain management in Resource limited settings

  1. Nursing care towards pain management in neonates.
  2. Introducing morphine in daily paediatric oncology care: Challenges and experiences in Senegal.
  3. No more invasive procedure without proper pain management – analgesia in MSF projects.

Free oral presentation session


  1. An anthropological perspective of supportive/palliative care in Africa and the Middle East & Neonatal and Paediatric specificities of supportive/palliative care in Resource Limited Settings.
  2. Optimizing paediatrics quality of life through palliative care for children – the role of play and the Experience in Uganda.
  3. Low cost, sustainable, community based palliative care initiatives: a pilot project to provide palliative care in an informal urban settlement (slum) in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Free oral presentation session